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Message of the Day

May 1, 2022

The Lord is gracious and intent about deliverance of you. When you or your loved ones face crisis situations, try to remember the following.

  • The Lord desires that no one perish outside of salvation; he is not ready to condemn like many we find in life; but the Lord desires that all of us be saved from all darkness and condemnation that the soul will encounter if sins are not forgiven.

  • Your circumstances have altered the way of your sight; in most cases, opening up the truth of many things that are usually hidden.

  • At present you may be experiencing a change in those around you; consider this. Those around you have suppressed what they really feel for a long time. At present, more and more people are not interested in suppressing themselves; but expressing themselves for what they have always been. This is the first stage in the Great Uncovering.

May you all build a solid relationship with our Savior and Lord, Jesus of Nazareth.


Date: May 6, 2022

Technology is advancing and COT is changing with it. The website is being built and is optimized for mobile platforms giving you, the user, a more responsive and faster experience. While we have a variety of areas to roll out; we have concentrated efforts in the area of communication, and not just for you to communicate with COT; but also, the ability for you to communicate with each other regardless of cellular or internet stability. As an organization rooted in the Gospel, it is important that we support other organizations that spread the message of the Gospel. We have been testing an Application Programming Interfaces (API's) for use in other Christian based organizations. To date we have extended our Chatroom based API to several organizations and will soon roll out the full API for those who desire to utilize our free platforms.

Your Questions

Date: March 22, 2022

The following questions which have been asked multiple times by many of you, have been answered below;

  • Question: I do not have chatroom access
  • Answer: Today we post the new chatroom for further testing. Following the training in admin controls, you will be able to access the chatroom signup page.
  • Question: How do you become a member of COT?
  • Answer: Simply create an account, by clicking the lower left link called CREATE ACCOUNT on the Login Page, that's all that is required.
  • Question: How do I access the KD Files?
  • Answer: The KD section is soon to be released, a link on the home page will allow full access to that section when available. When the KD section is ready, you must have an account to view the contents.

This Week

May 9 - May 15, 2022

During these days where confusion of faces will soon come, we, the believers in Christ require the good foundation where we will not be shaken as the rest. The beginning of a good foundation (wisdom) is the fear of God; that is, great respect for the Living God and great thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ.

This week, we begin to sturdy our foundations with a study that gives answer to our daily happenings and how best to handle those things that we often find in life. Understanding and Wisdom can still be gained which will help to rid of us doubt, fear, and vain things; all these that our lives be founded in truth, strong and unshakable, and most of all pleasing in eyes of our Lord Jesus and of our Father who loves us without end.

May you be blessed as we walk through this weekly study, and may it grant to you stability beyond what you have.

May 9 7PM EST Rising from Abuse: Action
May 10 7PM EST Knowledge Drop: Intruders
May 11 7PM EST Cruel Fires
May 12 6PM EST Guest Audio
May 13 7PM EST The Days of Noah
May 14 8PM EST Your Vessel
May 15 5PM EST You are Eternal Today

Breaking News

These topics and more are included in upcomming broadcasts, presentations, and studies.

The current conflict may soon go global
As of 3/13/2022 the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing radio interference at high levels; this combined with recent shallow radio and microwave bursts detected at ground level, could be intentional.
More information in broadcasts

Russian Rage and Unknowable destruction
The current Ukraine and Russia conflict may soon become the staging area of the most severe retaliation against the west anyone has ever experienced. There are no comparison in history regarding the magnitude of destruction that could so easily be caused by weapons of today. As Russia seeks to survive the crippling sanctions imposed upon the people; we may well see a very angry and infuriated Russia attempt to destroy those who have plunged most Russians in a Dark Winter.
More information in broadcasts

Chile, the breaking is beginning
February 1, 2022

Oceanic instability has been detected both in Chile and Hati. This combination of geo-changes is soon to snap without further warnings. We will cover more in our Broadcasts.
More information in broadcasts

Rising Kingdoms once hidden, now in control
For as long as one can remember, the world has been somewhat patterned enough to have reasonable expectations of future conditions; this has changed. Today we live in a world where things once hidden are being revealed; sometimes to our benefit, more often than not to our complete shock.
More information in broadcasts

Medical Breakthroughs are more than Promising
Research and development of the medical future is here. No pills, no shots, no invasive methods, just technology. What will this ultimately be used for; good or evil.
More information in broadcasts

Time has proven the Earth to be an ever-changing planet. At present the Earth continues changing in a variety of ways; increasing natural disasters to an alarming degree.

Update: New findings give accurate forecast calculations regarding all water related events. We are quickly being thrust into a very different world.
More information in broadcasts


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