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December 2, 2022

Hello and God bless all of you,

We are almost ready to post and begin processing access to our chatrooms. Before anyone is given authorization; there will be a few terms to review regarding usage of COT Chatroom Services. The New Terms of Use will be posted Tuesday December 6. While most of the format will remain the same, there will be a few changes regarding our Chatrooms. I hope that you all find them easy to use very useful during broadcasts and other presentations.

Chatroom Access

If you would like to request access to the chatroom (s), we are now accepting requests. We are currently processing request with a 48 hour fulfillment time. Once you have made your request, please allow at least 48 hours for processing and fulfilling your request.

Please Note Regarding Chatroom Access

Filling out the form below does not give instant access to the chatrooms, after you submit the information we will initialize the processing of your information, you will then be notified by email that your access is granted. This process can take up to 3 days; however, we are working as fast as possible.

Please login first to access the request form.

Welcome .

December 2, 2022

Recent changes to computer based technology combined with advances in A.I. have given rise to a uniformed standard expanding throughout the computer and software industry. The Internet will change soon, and with the addition of new technologies, it will impact the way we gather and share information. Most websites with real Christian values and content will, most likely, discover a well-planned set of constraints regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this reason and a few more, COT is taking steps to mitigate those constraints by setting up a robust system that will allow ministries to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ without the worry of being shut down or "Canceled."

Notice regarding Chatroom
Traning for Moderators will begin December 7th. All further Moderator communications will be conducted by email.

Your Questions

Date: March 22, 2022

The following questions which have been asked multiple times by many of you, have been answered below;

  • Question: I do not have chatroom access
  • Answer: Today we post the new chatroom for further testing. Following the training in admin controls, you will be able to access the chatroom signup page.
  • Question: How do you become a member of COT?
  • Answer: Simply create an account, by clicking the lower left link called CREATE ACCOUNT on the Login Page, that's all that is required.
  • Question: How do I access the KD Files?
  • Answer: The KD section is soon to be released, a link on the home page will allow full access to that section when available. When the KD section is ready, you must have an account to view the contents.

This Week

Aug 15 - Aug 21, 2022

Monday 7:00PM The Waking Begins
Tuesday 7:00PM Second Deluge
The discussion regarding 2nd Esdras Chapter 5 is eye-opening. Today, we continue with our reading; examining the declared alterations that will affect humanity the most. I Pray that as we cover this subject we all remember: the Lord does what he does for our deliverance; not for our destruction
Wednesday 7:00PM The Battle Plan: Continues
Thursday 10:00AM A.M. KD Files and Guest Speaking on PP
KD Files, an A.M. Discussion, followed by the 10PM guest broadcast.
Friday 7:00PM Time will not wait.
Saturday 9:00PM The Dark Worship you did not identify
Sunday 4:00PM Red Winter

Breaking News

These topics and more are included in upcomming broadcasts, presentations, and studies.

The Euphrates River is drying up

Since 1975, when Turkey and Syria completed their first dams (Keban and Tabqa), the importance of the water from the Tigres and Euphrates was made known; causing a crisis when the irrigation systems of the Region resulted in a severe drought in the Iraq region resulting in war threats. With intervention from Russia and Saudi Arabia, a peace accord was brokered that was to ensure an irrigation framework which would have a life-line effect on surrounding regions.

The dangerous drops in the Euphrates water levels, which have decreased far beyond the threshold of daily survival, is once again threatening to dissolve the standing peace. Even the agricultural land on the Euphrates is barren; non usable, and the conditions are only becoming worse, leaving many no access to drinkable water. Has Turkey generated a humanitarian crisis for Euphrates-dependent regions again. The surprising answer is no, Turkey is not origin this time.


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