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Date: November 21, 2021

Technology is advancing and COT is changing with it. The website is being built and is optimized for mobile platforms giving you, the user, a more responsive and faster experience. While we have a variety of areas to roll out; we have concentrated efforts in the area of communication, and not just for you to communicate with COT; but also, the ability for you to communicate with each other regardless of cellular or internet stability. As an organization rooted in the Gospel, it is important that we support other organizations that spread the message of the Gospel. We have been testing an Application Programming Interfaces (API's) for use in other Christian based organizations. To date we have extended our Chatroom based API to several organizations and will soon roll out the full API for those who desire to utilize our free platforms.


Date: November 20, 2021

We are expanding organizational operations to better serve the continued needs and growth of our members. In addition to expanding key areas of the organization, we are changing our site in a variety of ways; this will allow us to serve many more who have expressed a desire to fellowship with us while maintaining, and even enhancing our one-to-one interactions with new and existing members.

Looking Ahead

Date: November 21, 2021

Please take note that all the old links for the site are found in the upper left corner or within the menu items accessible from the upper left portion of the home page. All the links within the site are not active as we are testing them today and tomorrow for smooth and correct operation. We really look forward to our full presentation of the site with its site-wide changes which will better serve your walk with Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Breaking News

These topics and more are included in upcomming broadcasts, presentations, and studies.

Time has proven the Earth to be an ever-changing planet. At present the Earth continues changing in a variety of ways; increasing natural disasters to an alarming degree.
More information in broadcasts

Medical Breakthroughs are more than Promising
Research and development of the medical future is here. No pills, no shots, no invasive methods, just technology.
More information in broadcasts

Rising Kingdoms once hidden, now in control
For as long as one can remember, the world has been somewhat patterned enough to have reasonable expectations of future conditions; this has changed. Today we live in a world where things once hidden are being revealed; sometimes to our benefit, more often than not to our complete shock.
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