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  • User Account Changes: Please note; all user-accounts, while being moved to another location, will experience interruptions in regards to site access. While the information is being moved; the format of user-accounts will also be altered for better functionality with mobile and normal website access.
  • New Audio Platform including Radio: Over the years our audience has grown. We are now preparing to accommodate this demand with newer, more robust audio solutions including Radio broadcasts. Several radio stations will soon be available throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Mobile Website (Beta) Continuing development: We are now addressing the need for a dedicated mobile website allowing users the opportunity to enjoy the features of the main website such as, chatting while listening, account management, and access to our data-center content and more. Feel free to browse each section as they are developed.
  • Simplified User Tools: Throughout the years we have analyzed user-demands and created several tool-sets for all guests and members. These tools will help you in a variety of areas such as, bible readings, historical images of original writings, dictionaries, and more.
THE FOCUS of 2017
  • Morning Programming: Complete Bible Studies for the Believer. Join us as we begin to schedule thorough studies of the Word of God.
  • Global Awareness: Weekly information to keep you up-to-date regarding world affairs.
  • The Year of the Cosmic Storm: For years there have been explanations regarding the continued changes of our planet; however, we must be mindful that we will have endure the greater changes imposed by external forces.
  • Themes of August 2017
  • The completion of the final call
    1. Authorized to walk
    2. It happened in 2017
    3. No more games, its all real
    4. Walking through persecution
Levels as of Aug 23, 2017
Category Description Status
Magma Based on magma movements and crustal pressure 5.1
AADL Based on atmospheric retention of water 4.9
Space Earth being affected from space-based elements 6.2
Conflict Global tensions and conditions related to combat 5.6

Status Levels are 1 - 6