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Jul 2024

Knowledge Drop

The Files

There are a variety of subjects covered within the KD Files which challenge every conventional way of life is currently believed to be. It is realized that long-standing concepts are deeply embedded within so many; for this reason, the KD Files were conceived for the sake of both info and the future safety of anyone who would consider the contents.

Releasing the Files

Due to the vast majority of stories on social media and media in general, finding the truth has become what each individual desires truth to be. For this reason and the reasons stated previously, the KD files and contents will be released week by week; largely based on avoiding the high-volume conversations and stories that now saturate the world wide web.


I have a deep passion for humanity; that each of us may have the opportunity re-discover vital and critical knowledge and wisdom that has been lost or suppressed. It is hoped that with the KD Files; each person will be duly informed and better enabled to live beyond current constraints.

Notice of Use

By using this section of the website you agree to the terms listed below.

Content Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Any and all material presented as part of the KD-Files are agreed to be used for entertainment purposes only. The content themes, discussions, and or views are covered by this Notice of Use. The content of the KD Files may not be suitable for all age groups. We do not consent to replication, duplication, or usage of any of the documents, artwork, and or media without express and explicit permission. You may request permission for usage of the content by writing us at Info@counciloftime.com.

Source Materials

The KD Files contain information from various individuals who, at this time, will only be sited by call-signs. Each call-sign represents a linked individual whose identity is agreed upon to remain private. Artwork used in the KD-Files is both original and protected. At present, COT and the originators of the artwork do not give consent to utilizing any Artwork, Media, or Graphical Representations for reproduction, usage, or distribution of any kind.

Content Availability

The contents listed below will change based on the available publications of KD File contents and associated media. As of January 2024, COT has begun the process of release. When materials are published for your reading they will be placed under the categories of this pages Contents Section found on the left side of the page or by selecting the drop down menu located at the top left.

Schedule Releases

The topics listed below are introduction topics. Each topic is part of the KD-Files Library; to give a better understanding of the type of content the remaining files contain.

Deep Matters

  • Influences of the old records
  • Construction of our modern world
  • Monitors of sectors (January 2024)
  • Visual and non visual life of the earth
  • Calendar of Rulers (They will not stop until everything is completed exactly as is written)
  • Modern day Rituals and Rights (how to never participate) (March, 2024)

Important Dates


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