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January 2017 | COT

Scheduled Topics for January

Topic Date
Clear Prophecy: Part 1
Join us as we receive the clear prophecies of Christ
7:00 PM EST
Mon 23
Clear Prophecy: Part 2
Join us on day 2 and see the prophecy on your life
7:00 PM EST
Tue 24
Savage Earth Conditions
A discussion about regretable earth changes
7:00 PM EST
Wed 25

As always, we appreciate your fellowship and value all of our family.

New ways to listen

April 2016 | Admin

The Council of Time has adopted a third party application service for media. You can access scheduled programming by clicking one of the media links below.

Thank you for your fellowship.

Focus of the month

December 2016 | Admin

This month we study the Book of Revelation; taking a complete look into the instructions, teachings, and declarations given by Jesus Christ to John. The book of Revelation is much more than a collection of happenings that are declared to take place during the end times which will be discovered during the course of this important study. Join us as we seek the true transformation by the renewing of our minds through the living words of our Lord and Savior, who is, Jesus the Messiah.

A Serious Time

January 2017 | Michael

Discussion that will be ongoing throughout the year

*Repent in truth before its too late
...The day of the Lord comes as a theif in the night

....Tracking the Cosmic Storm

*The Russian Naval Forces of 2017
...The persistant nature of Russia

*The Red Storms formation and the Sun

As the days draw close to uncertainty, please understand that the Lord will always fulfill his promise to you. 

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