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January 10, 2023

Hello and God bless all of you,

As we continue in the year 2023, we are given such an opportunity to really make a difference in many areas of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While the year will be one of the most challenging; it is my firm belief that the Lord will grant to all those who truly desire to serve, those things necessary to do just that. Our family here at COT is a very diverse family, consisting of precious people who have multiple gifts, talents, skill-sets, and love driven commitment. My personal and continual prayer is that the Lord continue to bring us closer together for the sake of his works; this so that we can truly begin to reach out with all of what we are to those of whom the Lord has marked for salvation but are surrounded by darkness; as we once were. This year, the challenges are very real, the situations may become grave; however, with the love of the Lord; there will be nothing we are not able to endure for the sakes of those called to be his children.

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If you would like to request access to the chatroom (s), we are now accepting requests. We are currently processing request with a 48 hour fulfillment time. Once you have made your request, please allow at least 48 hours for processing and fulfilling your request.

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Filling out the form below does not give instant access to the chatrooms, after you submit the information we will initialize the processing of your information, you will then be notified by email that your access is granted. This process can take up to 3 days; however, we are working as fast as possible.

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January 10, 2023

We have all finally reached a very special and challenging time. There is no other time comparable to the time we now occupy; this will become evident as we begin to endure the variety of changes now being discussed all around the world. The changes we see in weather are only a beginning and by no means can they be compared to the magnitude of weather related phenomena to come. Not only will humanity endure a type of weather crisis; but also, for the first time in the modern world, humanity will experience the various forces in space which have only been theoretical or a passing thought. We are the generation that will witness the uncovering of so much; but, are you prepared to live in such conditions? While there is still time to get our families, friends, and indeed our souls prepared for the time of times, we here at COT desire to do what we can to ensure your preparedness. May the Lord bless us to be of help to all who need us.

Your Questions

Date: March 22, 2022

The following questions which have been asked multiple times by many of you, have been answered below;

  • Question: I do not have chatroom access
  • Answer: Today we post the new chatroom for further testing. Following the training in admin controls, you will be able to access the chatroom signup page.
  • Question: How do you become a member of COT?
  • Answer: Simply create an account, by clicking the lower left link called CREATE ACCOUNT on the Login Page, that's all that is required.
  • Question: How do I access the KD Files?
  • Answer: The KD section is soon to be released, a link on the home page will allow full access to that section when available. When the KD section is ready, you must have an account to view the contents.

This Week

Aug 15 - Aug 21, 2022

Monday 11:59PM The Others
A Midnight Hour Talk...... The content presented within this broadcast may be disturbing. Although the topics within the broadcast are focused on information and deliverance; some subject matter may be received as disturbing.
Tuesday 7:30PM Living in the last times
Wednesday 7:00PM Global Examination
Thursday 10:00AM External Guest on PPB....
Retrieving Data...
Friday 7:00PM Kingdom of the Beast: The Handover Begins
There are many questions regarding the reality of the Beast spoken of by the prophets. Each Friday we will thoroughly identify and examine the unpopular truth of the both the Beast and his Kingdom. With the aid of many documents; both ancient and modern, we hope to shine a light on the dark kingdom and the conditions surrounding its time in power, which was promised to come.
Saturday 8:00PM Weekly Presentation: A.I.
There are many questions, theories and stories that exist behind the letters, A.I. What is it exactly, and what capabilities are real concerning it? Will A.I. be the force to recon with in our lifetime? Join us for these questions and more as we take a sobering look into this advanced technology.
Sunday 4:00PM Forgiveness; Restoration Awaits
Retrieving Data...

Breaking News

These topics and more are included in upcomming broadcasts, presentations, and studies.

Iranian Death Sqads

Europe faces a grave situation from more than one aggressor. While their support of conflict operations in the Ukraine have been reserved; an overwhelming buildup has been underway from a foe that will not stop until Europe is under their full control. Iranian forces have been trickling to very strategic regions; setting a standard of death for those who occupy Europe. There are no limitations regarding the Iranian activity, neither is there a limit to the amount of citizens Iranian elements are willing to slaughter.

January 24-25 stream expected to head toward inner planets

The following information is estimated and published for precautionary purposes. The entry of a pulse is expected to enter the heliosphere sometime from January 24 to January 25. Any pulse affecting the heliosphere is estimated to affect the inner planets and sun within a 72hr period based on the strength of the inbound pulse. While the full effect of inbound pulses are not usually known until they cause specific planets or the sun to react; it’s advisable to ensure your sensitive electronics are surge protected and possibly shielded slightly from any environmental discharges.

The New War

At the turn of the new yea, the Russians vs. Western-Alliance War moved to a new level of positioning; this, as both sides move high-tech and high yield weapons into the oceans around the world. Based on the assets deployed throughout the world; there is now a high degree of confidence regarding large scale war actions taking place almost immediately. The very real situation the world is hosting, will have very unfortunate results in the days and months and years ahead.

War Escalation Alert

While the war in the Ukraine is seemingly isolated between two countries; the borders of the real war have no limits and will soon being engaged by all powers. Get ready for swift action as the stakes get higher in the Ukraine-Russian Conflict; or should it be the new Global Conflict. A Dozen new elements to the current conflict are both being deployed and will be deployed within the next 72 hours. As the new War Elements are deployed, the world will quickly and almost suddenly find itself in unexpected conditions. May the Lord have mercy upon humanity.

Believers of Christ; Prepare your eyes.

For those who really believe in Jesus Christ, there is no need to be alarmed by any great shaking. That cannot be said for those in the world who have pushed Salvation aside. The Lord has been so very merciful to humanity; allowing us the freedom to choose whatsoever we desire; this while maintaining relative steadiness of the Earth. The stability we have enjoyed for many years; it will begin to shake immediately. More information to come in the broadcasts.


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