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THE FOCUS of 2020
  • Revealing: The focus for this year is centered on mental preparations required to see many hidden things. People are losing their desire to hide what they really are inside; freely conveying what they once hid due to the worlds embrace of what was once deemed immoral or detestable. These changes will be surprising and even hurtful; nevertheless, many will convey the truth of themselves. As with the revealing of humanity, so it will be with creation also.
  • Manifestations: The Hidden will be seen

    Elements of what is called reality are by no means the whole story.

  • .
  • Global Warming: The Change of Earth

    What do most people believe Global Warning is all about? What is the real topic that spawned it?

  • .
  • Alternate History: The Unavoidable Change

    The declassification of many topics finally allows the missing elements of Earth's history to be told.

Levels as of 9/6/2021 1:00:28 PM
Category Description Status
Magma Magma movements and crustal pressure 5
ADDL Atmospheric retention of water 6
Space The affect of space-based particles on earth 5
Conflict Conditions related to global combat 6
Intrusion Cosmic particle intrusion affecting earth 5

Status Levels are 1 - 7
Revised Scale for 2018-2019
  • 0 - Conditions Normal
  • 1 - Above average levels and or conditions:
  • 2 - Raised levels and or conditions: Warning Level
  • 3 - Hazardous levels and or conditions: Affecting Biology
  • 4 - Wide-Spread Critical levels and or conditions: Seek Shelter
  • 5 - Global Exposure levels and conditions:
  • 6 - Global Critical levels and or conditions: Loss of life
  • 7 - Global Lethal levels and or conditions: Global Loss of Life
Day Topic Time
Monday Revelation ..
Tuesday John ..
Wednesday The Removal of the Veil ..
Thursday The Process of Faith ..
Friday The Beginning is the End ..
Saturday Special Presentations ..
Sunday Spiritual Freedom in Christ ..

Stalled Weather System becoming a big problem for the World. More information you need to know will be incorporated with broadcasts to help keep informed.

Resource: Weather and Atmosphere
  • South American Disaster Watch Underway
  • Mid-East conflict Warnings
  • Decline of life
  • Global Rebellion or Global Resistance
  • Releasing of the Classified Subjects
  • The storm at hand: your current weather
Data available soon...

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COT 2021

  • We are now preparing for the Organizatonal Rollout, God Bless You and We Thank you.