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March 20, 2023

This is our year COT,

The Council of Time (COT) is preparing to launch two major platforms during the Months of March and April. It has been both a learning experience and a time of growth in this delicate work for the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the most Holy communications we have a privilege of being able to discuss. Because COT has an international audience, it is important that we get a few critical tools created and published, as well as sharing an open and highly visible framework that that can enhance and truly refine the spiritual journey now and ahead. To help everyone stay up-to-date on a variety works here at COT, a list of important dates have been listed below;

Basic COT News Deskis in the process of being launched, we expect this process to take a few days.
COT Media and Communications Network Activatiosn are in motion.

Chatroom Access

If you would like to request access to the chatroom (s), we are now accepting requests. We are currently processing request with a 48 hour fulfillment time. Once you have made your request, please allow at least 48 hours for processing and fulfilling your request.

Please Note Regarding Chatroom Access

Filling out the form below does not give instant access to the chatrooms, after you submit the information we will initialize the processing of your information, you will then be notified by email that your access is granted. This process can take up to 3 days; however, we are working as fast as possible.

Please login first to access the request form.

Welcome .

March 20, 2023

Thank you for visiting the Counciloftime.com, this organization was founded on the principles of Jesus Christ; the non-altering truth originally given by Christ which has not and does not change regardless of the changing times. The spoken word and works of Jesus Christ provide a path for all those who truly believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, giving everyone an opportunity to truly find liberty by accepting the ultimate sacrifice which was freely given to all of humanity. The Lord endured a painful death for humanities sins, by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the price we were to pay for our sins has been totally and finally paid in full. This is the message we agree that all should be encouraged to know; that each may decide for him/herself to accept it or not.

We are grateful to be able to facilitate the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ, may the Creator of all find our labors pleasing as we endeavor to forever go forward with the Gospel of the Lord.

Your Questions

Date: March 22, 2022

The following questions which have been asked multiple times by many of you, have been answered below;

  • Question: I do not have chatroom access
  • Answer: Today we post the new chatroom for further testing. Following the training in admin controls, you will be able to access the chatroom signup page.
  • Question: How do you become a member of COT?
  • Answer: Simply create an account, by clicking the lower left link called CREATE ACCOUNT on the Login Page, that's all that is required.
  • Question: How do I access the KD Files?
  • Answer: The KD section is soon to be released, a link on the home page will allow full access to that section when available. When the KD section is ready, you must have an account to view the contents.

This Week

Aug 15 - Aug 21, 2022

Monday 7:00PM Rise of believers: Breaking the Cycle
Breaking the cycle begins with recognition of how the world works around you. As various mechanisms are identified; freedom most certainly begins to follow.
Tuesday 7:00PM Rise of believers: The Ancient War will soon end
While most can feel some sense of struggle regarding good and evil, we must be careful not to act on how the world defines good and evil.
Wednesday 7:30PM Rise of believers: The Considerations to Impacts
Our present time is one of great challenges; however, those who have accepted Jesus Christ will not experience the times ahead like the rest of the world. While the Earth continues to change there are more than a few things that believers must consider right away.
Thursday 10:00PM Speaking on Guest Broadcast
Friday 7:00PM Rise of believers: Life before the coming Deluge
There is no question regarding the nature of the future. How much longer does humanity have with respect to how we live our lives today? What immediate preparations should be considered before it is too late?
Saturday 7:00PM Rise of believers: The Storm forcast
Sunday 7:00PM Rise of believers: Dedication Check

Breaking News

These topics and more are included in upcomming broadcasts, presentations, and studies.

Inbound Debris

Increased celestial changes will affect Earth with growing threats of debris. While most of the world's populous is conditioned to space-based inbound debris as being passive; the present time almost certainly promises a change in how everyone views the heavens. For the remainder of this month and into the next, there is an expectation of several pieces of debris interacting with the surface of the Earth; these incursions may well be the beginning of a trend we will see rise throughout the year of 2023.


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