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Thanks to the family at COT, the posting and commenting logic is completed. Although further testing is required for many other tools, you are now able to post and respond to posts with ease.
Thank you and God bless you.

Software Update | October 5, 2018

Mobile Development Has Started Again

The mobile site is now back in development after a long pause. As this site and its controls are being developed, you are always welcome to follow the progress and submit your feedback.

Software Development Team | September 10, 2018

Acts 2: Study Followup

The books of acts provides a very insightful view into the life of those who witnessed Jesus during his time on earth. Much like today, the apostles contended with social and private elements; however, unlike today, the apostles died for their faith. Understanding the devotion of the Apostles; given the gravity of their calling in regards to consequences of defying religious law, their journey is very inspiring for us in the common age of Christianity.

Bible Study | October 14, 2018


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