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Confirmation for classes

Please follow the instructions below for confirmation of your registration.

Verification Steps:
1. Select your course or courses
2. Enter your correct email address
3. Submit your information by pressing the confirm button

Hello New Students,

Welcome the Council of Time's Online Learning Center (OLC). You have requested to participate in one or both of the first two classes of the OLC. Your registration process begins with confirming your desired course participation. To confirm your requested classes please select on or both of the options below;
For accurate registration of all participants you must confirm your email address; please make sure your email address is accurate by entering your email account below;
  • Email Address:
After processing your information you will receive a class/group number. Please keep your class/group or CG Number as it will be used to access class-related tools and materials needed for your learning experience.

Click the confirm button to send your information