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Iranian President Question

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Iranian President Question

As of May 20, 2024 several leaders of Iran were confirmed dead; this includes the President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi. Raisi served as a Judge prior to being the President of Iran. Raisi was a ruthless judge who essentially executed those who found themselves standing before him. Upon hearing the report that the Bell 212 crashed; many nations; including Germany, reached out a hand of assistance to help locate the helicopter that crashed; this open show of concern from various countries may be a global strategy to avert the pending Iranian Crisis that will surely come one day.



Iranian Proxy Wars

Make no mistake; Iranian aggression will likely not be diminished even though the country will seem to be in a time of mourning (routine sentiment). Although it is very difficult to realize now; this incident is very disturbing and will likely result in the escalation of Iranian plans for various reasons. The Iranian President, the second most powerful person in Iran in regards to making decisions; will soon be filled by the Vice President, Mohammad Mokhber. Mokhber is very similar to his predecessor; possibly a bit more aggressive militarily; this could spell an even greater threat for Israel and the USA.


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