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Advisement: Nuclear Preparedness is a Must

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Advisement: Nuclear Preparedness is a Must

Due to new conditions it is advisable that all of us become familiar with post nuclear conditions and mitigation actions. The threat of Nuclear weapons use, or an accident regarding nuclear based technology is ongoing. From nuclear stockpiles, nuclear waste sites, and nuclear power plants; in addition to war-like tactical movements of the Nations of the World, the nuclear topic should no longer be a subject of suspicion but one of serious consideration.



Actions of Nations

The growing tensions in the Mid-East and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War have ushered in a new era of conflict. The days we live in offer no certainty in stopping the release of devastating weapons; the days we live in continue to break-down long-standing international relationships that facilitated a measure of security to all in regards to controlling the use of Nuclear Weapons. The Nations of the world are not ignorant regarding the fast paced breakdown of the old World-Order and are working feverously to save their way of life and their lives in the case of a Nuclear Event or an equivalent.

Nuclear Events

All too often when contemplating the word Nuclear Weapon, we often think of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM); however, there are more Nuclear Weapons other than the ICBM that could be used without all the preparations required for a Nuclear launch. As a reminder, the world constantly deals with groups and induvial who are more than ready to cause an enemy-country harm. Terrorist of today, living within the countries they intend to harm, have wide-reach inside those nations and could, as they have historically, muster what they need to attack any country while on the inside through some sort of sabotage or critical infrastructure attack.


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