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Inbound Debris

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Inbound Debris

Increased celestial changes will affect Earth with growing threats of debris. While most of the world's populous is conditioned to space-based inbound debris as being passive; the present time almost certainly promises a change in how everyone views the heavens. For the remainder of this month and into the next, there is an expectation of several pieces of debris interacting with the surface of the Earth; these incursions may well be the beginning of a trend we will see rise throughout the year of 2023.



The Change

Our relatively quiet Solar System is now in an area of space filled with challenges; challenges that surely promise a sharp increase in atmospheric breaches and surface damage; in general, a greater number of fires. For the last few years, fires have been raging each spring and summer, in no small part, the fires being originated by a variety of ignition sources, quickly expand due to ongoing drought conditions. With the addition of yet another ignition source, meteorite impacts, we are in for a tasking, life threating fire season.


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